May. 24th, 2009


May. 24th, 2009 11:59 am
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There have been many changes to my life recently, mostly since the girlfriend moved in with us. I have moved to the bedroom downstairs, which I am happy about - it's cooler than the one upstairs, and I have hot flushes so I like the coolness. Also it's nice to have a room where I decide everything about furniture, pictures on the wall and so on - even though Calle sleeps there about 50 % of the time, it's still my room. We have moved the furniture around in the computer room, and it's never been as tidy as it is now.

There have been a few arguments, of course, but no actual fights. Most of the problems are practical ones, like in which drawer to store various kitchen implements, the stuff that is just ingrained habit. All of them have been solved by talking, which is certainly good.

One thing is not good, though. The cats. Zeta is deeply unhappy with the girlfriend's cat, Mao. The worst part is that Zeta has always been the only climber, so all the high shelves in the bookcases have been her territory. Now that Mao is here and is just as good a climber, she has been challenged, and she doesn't like it one bit. Mao doesn't let up either, he seems determined to be boss cat, even though Zeta is female and thus should be in charge according to cat standards.

Before I moved down, Zeta would at least come to my bed in the evening. In the past week she hasn't even done that. All I've seen of her are ears or tail sticking up above the books on the top shelf, and all I've heard are the noises of the fights whenever Mao's gone up there.

Yesterday we decided that enough is enough. I managed to coax her out from her hiding place with the help of some catnip, and brought her to my downstairs room. It has a small window that can be opened for air, and I thought she might be happier if she could go out. At one point, though, when we were bringing her litter box in, Tusse and Arthas got in and Zeta shot out like fired from a cannon. As soon as she got upstairs she ran into Mao and they started fighting, whereafter she jumped up on the book shelf by the bed in the upstairs bedroom. I managed to get her down from there, but she was yelling and fighting (and managed to scratch me in the ear!). After that she hid under my bed and refused to come out.

This morning she has been very very affectionate, demanding to be petted and snuggled. I've opened the window and she's gone out on the outside window sill and looked around, but hasn't actually gone anywhere. I'm going to stay down here with her for an hour or so, then I need to leave to go to the horses. Because another good thing is that my old favourite Melanie, my own horse's mother, appears to not be lame anymore! So today I'll get to ride her - ten minutes at a slow walk, not more than that, but still!

I really hope this will work for Zeta. I can't let her back upstairs, she will just keep fighting with Mao and be more unhappy. I haven't seen her this relaxed in weeks, in fact I barely remember last time I saw her just stretched out and purring happily. If having her downstairs doesn't work i will probably have to rehome her, and rehoming a cat that doesn't trust humans and doesn't like other cats isn't easy...
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i just got back from spending five hours at the stables (including 1,5 hour drive and dinner at a hamburger place on the way back). I was worried about how Zeta would react to having been shut in for five hours.

It seems I needn't have worried. She was lying on my dressing gown which was thrown on the bed, and immediately started demanding snuggles. She is now trying her best to get between me and the computer since I am rudely using my hands to type instad of to pet her.

She certainly seems a lot happier than she's been in weeks. So far she's completely ignoring the open window - I would have thought she'd be interested in it after having been shut in a 12 m2 room for hours, but apparently cuddles are more interesting still.

She's eating a lot, too - probably she hasn't been eating enough for a while. I topped the litterbox up with a great deal of fresh sand so it won't smell of other cats.

I'll see how this works out during the coming week. Maybe she'll start wanting to go out, and in that case she'll probably be happy to come in for food and snuggles sometimes, and during those times I can keep Mao and Arthas out. Or maybe she'll just need some time to recuperate and then she can take up the fight with Mao again.

I'm thinking the names Arthas and Mao may have influenced those cats in directions we hadn't planned...


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