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I've been having a back ache for a couple of weeks so I haven't been riding much - in fact I've been doing very little except for working and lying in bed watching TV series. It's better now, though, so this weekend I went out to Samurai. I'd settled with [ profile] jegra that she'd book someone to clean the stalls so I could rest the back a little.

Samurai was being very careful with me. He tends to notice how I'm feeling and he's always on his best behaviour when I'm unwell. It was nice to basically give him the reins and let him pick his own way through the forest, and he seemed to enjoy a lazy walk as well - lucky for me, because when he's eager for a run it can be very hard to control him. But it worked fine.

Yesterday [ profile] gnapp was at a showjumping contest. I went along to help with the loading, fetching and carrying. Since the class started at 9 am, we needed to leave the stables before 8 am. That meant I had to be there at 7, which means leaving home at 6, which means getting up at 4.30. Which I did. On a Sunday.

Gnapp did well - she and Skutt got around the course with no stops and no fallen fences, and all of 3/10ths of a second to spare to the maximum time allowed. They got their first rosette and Skutt got to graze for half an hour before we went back home. That was at half past eleven, and it'd already gotten very hot. I was glad to be wearing a cap, and I felt sorry for Gnapp who had to wear a dark sweater when riding.

The cap I've got is one with the text "Everyone knows I'm gay" and a rainbow on it. I got it from a friend some years ago when I was working with the Stockholm Pride parade teams - I ran along the parade and tried to make people stay in the part of the road where the traffic was blocked instead of running out in front of the oncoming cars.

Today I left the car for repairs - she's got a bad scratch on her left rear side, probably from someone trying to park too close to her. I'd planned to stop by at the inspection center by 8.15 and then drive straight to the repair shop (which is very close to my work) so I'd be at work by 9. But for some reason the traffic was horrible and I didn't even get to the repair shop until way past 9. I then had to wait for the mechanic to come back from an errand, and then it turned out they didn't have any rental cars free so the mechanic had to drive me to the nearest gas station with rental cars. I got a Volvo S60, which feels awful to drive when I'm used to the Toyota Prius. This one's heavy and has a very low-tech instrument panel - it's got little needle gauges for the speedometer and stuff. And I have to look down from the road to see the speedometer. Oh, and did I mention that the wheel's heavy? Also it takes about twice as much gas per kilometer as the Prius does. I want my car back, dammit!

Still, I'm glad I've got insurance that covers a rental car. Also I'm glad to have a nice boss who didn't get mad when I didn't show up until 10 when I'm supposed to be in by 9 at the latest. Not that he was happy about it, mind you, but he understands that sometimes shit happens.

It's really hot here today - it's been almost 30˚ here (that's around 85˚ for you Fahrenheiters). That's rather unusual this early in the year; generally we don't get that until July or August. Still, this apartment doesn't get too hot - it's got thick walls, and even though we have a lot of south-facing windows, most of them are by the balcony which gives some shade from the balcony above ours. So as long as we keep the bedroom curtains closed, it's not too bad here.
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