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Two pieces of news.

This morning, my (paternal) grandmother died. I will miss her. I can't really grieve, though, because I know that she was tired of this life and wanted to move on. She was in pain, she was unable to walk more than a few steps, she couldn't stay in her own apartment any more, and she missed my grandfather who died seventeen years ago. I'm glad she's no longer in pain - but I'll miss her.

Day before yesterday I took the day off to go with the owner of Melanie to the breeding station. They did an ultrasound and we saw a tiny blob in Melanie's womb. If all goes well, there'll be a foal by the end of May. Next Friday we'll be going there for a second ultrasound and by then there should be a heartbeat.
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Yesterday I got back home after a week visiting my mother. It was a lovely week - I hadn't been down to Skåne for two years, so I really enjoyed spending time with her. We started out by going on a gallery tour on Monday. In Skåne, especially the southeastern part (called Österlen), there are a lot of galleries. If you see three houses together, chances are that at least one of them is a gallery and/or café. The place is absolutely littered with artists and their work.

On Tuesday, mother had to work, and I spent most of the day relaxing and doing nothing much.

Wednesday she needed to go to Lund for a seminar. I drove her and one of her colleagues there and spent the day doing touristy things. I found that Lund has a city-wide wireless network - surfing is free, and if you want to use other network services the fee is a measly SEK 49:- per month. (That's about USD 6 or GBP 4, I think - and that's per month!) Needless to say I got an account and spent part of the day in the city library with my laptop. Then I went around looking at the city which has changed somewhat since I used to spend time there in my teens.

Thursday, what did we do on Thursday... Mother had to go to a meeting in Simrishamn, and I drove her there. I wandered around the town a little and looked at their fountain which is decorated with pictures of the city and area history. I talked a bit with an artist who was relaxing in the park before opening his gallery. Then I went and found a hairdresser who had time to give me a cut and dye job. It's interesting how you can walk into a hairdresser and say much the same thing ("I want it short so I don't get hair all over my face when it's windy) and come out looking very different from when you say the same thing at another place. But I like the new style which is all that matters.

On Friday Mother had to go to Simrishamn again. I spent the morning with Agne, the man she lives with (the word "boyfriend" seems wrong for a guy who's past 60). We took a walk in the forest around their house. Then Mother came back and we had lunch, after which she and I went to look at stuff for the kitchen they're going to build. Mother and Agne have just expanded their house by tacking on a wing and part of the old living room will now become a large kitchen. I got a severe case of house-envy.

In the evening we went for dinner to Blåsingsborg, one of my favourite restaurants in the area. In the summer you need to book a table well in advance, and even in this season the restaurant was full. They've also got a hotel part and a conference area as well as tour riding on Icelandic ponies.

Yesterday my brother-in-law showed up. My sister lives some 50 kms south of Gothenburg, but they're considering moving to Skåne, so the BIL wanted to see a house that was going to be shown. Only he'd gotten the day wrong - the showing was for today... Mother and I went together up to Vittskövle, a 16th century castle. We walked around the grounds a while and then had lunch at a nearby café. Then I went off northwards for the drive back to Stockholm. I stopped in Linköping and had dinner with a friend at the best hamburger place in Sweden. I got home shortly before nine pm, which was earlier than I'd expected. The advantage of driving on a Saturday is that there's a lot less traffic than if I'd driven today as I'd originally planned.

Another advantage is that today I can go riding on Samurai, which obviously wouldn't have worked if I'd been en route. Even if I've done a fair bit of walking, riding is a better exercise and I look forward to seeing Samurai again.


Apr. 16th, 2006 10:35 pm
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Today I've driven about 850 kms, from Stockholm to Skåne. I'm visiting my mother. She lives way out in the forest, several kms from the nearest village, and an hours drive from anything that could be called a city.

I have internet access via the wireless network in their house.

Civilisation! Yay!


Dec. 31st, 2005 02:00 pm
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My mother and I are very much alike, both physically and mentally. When I was around 20 years old and she was around 40, friends would sometimes mistake us for the other. Both my friends and hers.

Still, I didn't follow in her footsteps - she followed in mine.

Her main occupation has always been as a teacher. When I was 22 (IIRC) I started working as a translator, I had a small business partnership with a friend. We subcontracted some work to my mother. I've long since stopped doing translations, but she's still at it and has her own small business...

When I was around 25 I went into computers. I started doing tech support while studying and then got a job as sysadmin. Some years ago, my mother became the local sysadmin at the school where she's a teacher.

But while imitation may be the most sincere form of flatter, I think she's taken this too far. The day before yesterday she slipped and broke her arm.

Mom, please stop now. Please?


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