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So, it's been a month since the last time I updated. Stuff has happened.

Tusse got well, but we both have the feeling that he got a lot older during his illness. We don't really expect him to be around for more than a year or so.

Work has been hellish but is getting better now. We finally got the $BIG_PROJECT into production. There's still some mopping up to do, but at least the time-critical stuff is over and we can breathe again.

And then there's the bad news. Melanie, the mare I've been riding since January, has been lame a lot. She was taken to the vets yesterday and got X-rayed. It turns out her hind legs are basically shot, and she has a problem in her neck that makes it hard for her to use her right front leg properly. So she won't ever be well enough to be ridden again. At best she might be good for breeding, but given her physical problems - she was born with one eye missing, as well as having had the leg problems - it mightn't turn out that well. In which case she'll be put down.

I'd gotten so very attached to her, I was planning on buying her in a few years, and I'd started considering how to arrange stuff so I could ride more often. I'm devastated. There's the practical side of it, too - I'll have to find another horse to ride on weekends, because I really do need to ride twice a week. But most of it is just grief that I've lost her.
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jennyaxe: Photo in black and white. I'm in profile, looking to the left, with a calm and content half-smile. (Default)

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