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1 point to anyone who knows where the subject line is taken from...

It seems the stupid cold has loosened its grip on me. I spent the whole day sitting or lying down, mainly because every time I tried to stand up I got dizzy. I'm sure Calle was as pleased as I was that the shower stool was still around, as it meant I could get clean without falling over in the shower.

About an hour ago something changed - I couldn't sleep so I got up and didn't feel like the room was spinning around me. It makes a nice change, I must say. If this keeps up I might even be able to go riding this Sunday, which would be nice (and also good for my health). I still miss Samurai, but I also like Melanie, the new horse a lot. It's a very different experience riding a six-year-old from riding a well-schooled elderly gentleman of nineteen. But Melanie is affectionate and very calm - I tried riding in skirts last week, and she didn't bat an eyelid at them, even though it was very windy. That's a bit surprising in such a young and comparatively untrained horse, especially as she is blind on one side. I feel very secure with her; we seem to understand one another reasonably well and I'm sure it'll get even better.

I still love Skutt, though - he's the one I've ridden the longest, and though he can be a bit of a stubborn donkey at times, we have a lot of fun. I think he does some of his tricks just to mess with me and liven things up a little.

It's strange, being all clear-headed again. Though I did get a lot of thinking done during the past few days - as long as I kept sitting or lying down, I was reasonably OK. I've been making some notes about dealing with chronic pain, from various perspectives. I might even post some of them at some point.
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I have a cold. I left work early and sat at home working for another four hours, watched some Buffy S1 with Calle. Went to bed, read a bit, tried to sleep, couldn't, read some more, tried to sleep again. This time I couldn't because a stupid line kept running through my head.

Yes, apparently having a cold isn't bad enough - I've also been bitten by the slashwriting bug. I actually couldn't sleep because there was this part of a drabble that wouldn't shut up inside my head. Hopefully once I post it I'll be able to sleep.

Also my abdominal hedgehog is being nasty at me. I've been a bit better pain-wise recently, probably because I get along very well with the new horse and so I get the regular exercise I need. But work is currently quite stressful, and that always upsets the hedgehog.

Anyhow, here's the drabble. The trigger was that episode where Wilson and Cameron talk about adultery, and Wilson says "I always told them".

Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG (at the most)
Wordcount: 100

He always told them

Written by Jenny Dybedahl

Initially they'd approve (or pretend to), praising his selfless and steadfast friendship. Later, weariness and then jealousy would appear. At some point their line would be spoken and his crossed. Always.

"If you were with another woman," they'd say, "I could at least understand it. But that man?"

So he'd tell them. He'd tell them about some woman. And it'd be over, bar the paperwork. For a week, or a month, evenings at 221B would be followed by nights on the sofa, until at last desire and fear combined to drive him out.

He always told them. He always lied.

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I can't sleep. I don't know why, because I'm really tired, but I can't make my body relax enough to let me drift off.

Today I was out with Samurai again. I timed my arrival to the stables so I just got finished cleaning out his box when the stable owner started bringing the horses in from pasture. I helped her a bit, then when she was finished bringing them all in, I put Campero in the stable corridor and cleaned out his stall. After that I washed his wound - he's still got some seepage around the site of the fistula. He doesn't like it when I press to hard around it, but he was very well behaved anyway - amazingly so for a four years old stallion.

I took Samurai out on the country roads, where we had a few gallops, and then took the path through the forest back. There were lots of insects which was irritating, but Samurai behaved very well. It's hard to believe this is the same horse who bolted with me the first time I was out with him - the past month or so he hasn't even tried to take the bit and run. Sure, he's still eager and he wants to go faster than I feel comfortable with, but he doesn't argue when I tell him to slow down.

Since it's hot outside he was very sweaty when we got back, so I gave him a wash. Then I walked back to his box, without holding him - he followed like a dog going "heel", never trying to move past me even though there was food in his box, never even trying to look or go in the wrong direction. I feel that he's really started listening to me and accepting me as a leader. Or perhaps he's just tired from the heat...


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