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The cats have now been free of symptoms for about 36 hours. [ profile] artela said that rowan berries may cause these symptoms - I really hope that's it, because then this is over. It might also be something in the dry food they've been having, so we've got a new bag of another brand waiting.

We're still keeping them to only my bedroom and the living room. Arthas is busy trying to dig through the glass of the living room door.

I did go riding yesterday. Melanie now shows no lameness at all. She doesn't like to gallop on the right lead, so we'll have to work on that, but she's very happy to be ridden at all. I was very nice to not have to clean out stalls - I'd spent the night waking up every time one of the cats made any noise at all, or moved around on the bed...
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Bad stuff: Tusse had a seizure like the ones Zeta has had. We called the vet, she said that this really looks like they have eaten something toxic to them. At this point I agree - it has to be either environmental or contagious, and they can't think of anything contagious that gives these symptoms. We went over all that we know they've eaten, and decided to restrict them to a small area in the flat and only feed them boiled fish. And not much of that, either.

I went through my bedroom, making sure that anything they might be tempted to get into was removed or put in cat-safe tins or otherwise unreachable for them. Then we brought all three of them into my bedroom (which is now equipped with a litterbox). At this point Zeta had already had a sort of half-seizure, where she didn't fall down spasming but was shaking a lot whiile standing up.

Shortly after we went down, Zeta got up and started chewing on the spiderplant that I'd also brought in - it's the only plant in the room; if I'm isolating them I'll do my best to do it well! Shortly thereafter she started making unhappy noises. But instead of following it up with shaking and seizing, she ran in under the bed and puked. I don't think I've ever been actually happy to have a cat puke under the bed, but this... it's the first time since she started getting ill that she's actually gotten rid of her nausea in the normal cat manner!

A few minutes ago, Calle brought some small portions of boiled fish down for them. We'll see how that works out. They were all hungry, they were begging for more, but we don't dare give them any bigger portions just yet.

If they do get better while restricted to this bedroom, we'll let them out into the living room tomorrow and see what happens. We'll basically have to let them into one room at a time, after we've done our best to clear it of anything they may have gotten into. But at least now that we know it's environmental, we have some way of dealing with it.

Sick cat

Sep. 5th, 2009 09:56 am
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I've posted a bit on Facebook and Twitter about my cat Zeta being ill. Last Sunday she began showing signs of nausea, there was some drooling and quite a bit of miaowing. During the night she got worse, she had what looked like epileptic seizures at least twice during the night. After the last one, about 7 am, she was unable to move or focus her eyes on anything.

I took her to the vet, they ran blood tests and gave her IV nutrition. After a while she got better, was again able to focus. She had one more seizure while there, and she started getting bloody diarrhoea. On Wednesday she was released and seemed perfectly normal. The vet said it looked like poisoning, but none of us could figure out how she might have gotten poisoned. She's an indoor cat, we don't have mice, we have no new plants, and Arthas who is now 10 months old gnaws everything - so if there were something poisonous here he'd be getting ill, too.

Anyhow, we have been feeding her boiled fish. She started getting the drools again on Thursday, and yesterday when I spoke to the vet they said I should make sure to give her smaller portions. So last night after work I did - she got about 1-2 tablespoons of boiled fish per hour, and after the fourth feeding she even stopped trying to steal food from the other cats.

And then she got a seizure again, and a second one this night. Now she looks perfectly healthy and is begging for more food, but about two hours after her last feeding she started with the drool again.

I have no idea what causes this. The only thing I can come up with is to feed her small portions. Maybe the seizure isn't really a seizure, maybe it's her stomach cramping so hard that her whole body shakes, and the neurological symptoms she had on Monday were from her hitting her head while cramping. I don't know, and there seems to be no reasonable way for the vets to tell. They've been talking about spinal fluid samples and MRIs and things - but they're not sure it'll give them anything to go on, and the cost is pretty steep.

If she doesn't get better we will have to put her to sleep. I really don't want to do that, she's only eleven years old, and when she isn't cramping or drooling she seems so perfectly healthy and normal. I don't know what to do.
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So, it's been a month since the last time I updated. Stuff has happened.

Tusse got well, but we both have the feeling that he got a lot older during his illness. We don't really expect him to be around for more than a year or so.

Work has been hellish but is getting better now. We finally got the $BIG_PROJECT into production. There's still some mopping up to do, but at least the time-critical stuff is over and we can breathe again.

And then there's the bad news. Melanie, the mare I've been riding since January, has been lame a lot. She was taken to the vets yesterday and got X-rayed. It turns out her hind legs are basically shot, and she has a problem in her neck that makes it hard for her to use her right front leg properly. So she won't ever be well enough to be ridden again. At best she might be good for breeding, but given her physical problems - she was born with one eye missing, as well as having had the leg problems - it mightn't turn out that well. In which case she'll be put down.

I'd gotten so very attached to her, I was planning on buying her in a few years, and I'd started considering how to arrange stuff so I could ride more often. I'm devastated. There's the practical side of it, too - I'll have to find another horse to ride on weekends, because I really do need to ride twice a week. But most of it is just grief that I've lost her.

Good news

Mar. 18th, 2007 07:19 pm
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Today the vet said Tusse has been eating more - he was happily munching kibble even when half the staff was crowding his cage during their morning rounds. So unless the final tests tomorrow show something has deteriorated, he'll be coming home with us tomorrow afternoon.

I didn't go riding today. We'd planned on working with switching to the new servers at work this weekend, but a bug in the OS delayed stuff so that won't be for a couple of weeks yet. But since I'm still a bit under the weather from the cold I've been having, I thought it best to take a quiet day at home instead. I miss Melanie, though, but I should see her on Thursday when I go out to Skutt. It's very handy having both horses at the same stables - and I'm immensely lucky to be allowed to participate in their lives. I've bonded with Melanie in a way I've never done with another horse - both Samurai and Skutt have their primary humans already, and I was second or third for them. But Melanie's owners have four other horses to tend, so they haven't had as deep a relationship with her, and she seems to want that, and to find it with me. This isn't to say that I don't miss Samurai - I do, he's wonderful and I like him a lot and have learned a lot from him. Melanie can't teach me what he could. But emotionally she's my horse in a way that no other has been.

Like I said, I'm lucky. I've got the cats, and Calle, and the horses, and friends, and a good job. I miss some people I wish were closer, but their lives have taken a different turning. I don't grudge them their happiness, I just wish they weren't so far away. I've one close friend who moved away some time ago, and it still feels strange to drive past the place where she used to live and know that she's not there. And I've other friends who live so far away that we meet at best once a year - they're in Germany, or in England, or in Scotland, or Belgium. And yet others I might never meet. But I'm still blessed to know them.

Good news!

Mar. 16th, 2007 08:15 pm
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We went to visit Tusse at the clinic after work today. He was much better - moved around a lot more, refused to be carried in that bowl thingie he was in yesterday. Demanded cuddling and tried to make us remove the feeding tube from his nostril. And he'd eaten a little! He tried eating some ham while we were there, but the e-collar was in the way and he couldn't quite get at it. But at least he tried! He seemed happy to see us both; we both had lots of white hairs on our shirts when we left.

The staff there is great; the nurse who's been spending most of the time with him seemed very affectionate to him and it was obvious he liked her too - he was looking for her when she left the room.

We stayed for half an hour or so, and came away greatly cheered.

Then we went home and had hot dogs for dinner, it being Friday and all.
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The vet called earlier today. She said they'd done an ultrasound on Tusse and checked his blood. He's got slightly bad kidney and liver rates but they couldn't see anything around the kidney and liver on the ultrasound. What they did see was an inflammation around the gall bladder. According to the vet, this isn't unusual with cats and it presents with exactly the symptoms he's got. He's more or less a textbook case.

She didn't think the kidney and liver thing was anything to worry about; probably it's just a result of his not eating properly for the past week. They'll keep him on IV fluids and medication untill he starts eating properly and provided nothing else pops up we'll be able to bring him home within a few days. So hopefully he'll be home by weekend.

I'm glad it doesn't seem to be anything terminal, or anything requiring constant medication. We were both of us thinking about whether we'd need to have him put down - it's not exactly something we like thinking about, but at some time it'll be our responsibility, and I'm not going to force him to live in pain or discomfort just because I want him around. But I'm very glad it doesn't seem to be now. He's only twelve, after all, and while that's not exactly young, I want him with me for a lot longer!

Sick cat

Mar. 12th, 2007 03:09 pm
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I mentioned the other day that Tusse has been ill. He's still not well - he hasn't been eating. This is the cat who normally comes running at the slightest indication that a human might be considering thinking about possibly at some future time going into the kitchen... now he's been politely taking a smell at the food and then ignoring it. Even raw meat. He's been drinking water, but didn't even want some soup stock we tried to give him.

So today started with a visit to the vet. Their emergency room was a bit crowded and I had to wait for nearly three hours before getting to see a vet. She looked him over, tried listening to his heart/lungs but failed due to his purring... She said he was a bit dehydrated and they'd take a blood sample to test for stuff and they wanted to keep him on intravenous fluids for at least a day to get his strength back. I had to wait for another half hour before a nurse showed up. She shaved one of his legs and took the blood sample (not popular!) and his temperature (also not popular - he doesn't have a fever right now). Then he was put in a cage and wheeled away, and I left to go to work.

I have difficulty concentrating, mostly from worry but also because I'm still wiped out from last week's illness.

The vet nurse said they'll call me when they know something but that I shouldn't expect to hear from them tonight unless he gets worse. So here's hoping they don't call today.

Cat news

May. 25th, 2006 08:25 pm
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Tusse keeps getting better, but it seems that he's managed to lick his wound despite the e-collar. I put a tighter one on him and hope that will be enough. Tomorrow we're taking him for a checkup at the vet's; if he's still able to get at the wound I should think they'll have something that works better.

I've found the perfect way of giving him pills. If I just put it in his mouth he manages to spit it out - he did that twice today. So what I do is I prepare the cat food he likes - then I give him the pill before putting the food bowl down. At that point he's so eager to get at the food that he just swallows the pill and rushes at the bowl.

I don't think that'd work with the other two...

Cat update

May. 22nd, 2006 06:53 am
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Tusse seems better today. The wound isn't bleeding anymore and he doesn't seem to be in as much pain as he was yesterday. The other cats still won't come near him.He's unhappy that the E-collar won't let him skritch his head when he wants to so I try to help him with that. He's eating well, at least when he gets the canned (i.e. bagged) food.

Today I shall call the vet and schedule a checkup on Friday, and also call the cleaning service and tell them not to come this week. The cats are stressed out as it is, they don't need a stranger coming to use the horrible cat-eating vacuum cleaner as well.

Cat health

May. 21st, 2006 05:22 pm
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As [ profile] cdybedahl wrote, the fluffy cat has been to the vet today. Recap: boil in the arse, vet had to sedate him to clean it out and he'll be getting antibiotics. We came home with him about fifteen minutes ago. He's got his head in one of those lampshade thingys. This is not popular. Also not popular is that we've moved the food bowls away, since the vet advised us that he shouldn't eat or drink for the first few hours after his having been sedated. He's currently crouched beside the normal food place and emitting strange noises every few seconds.

I'm so relieved I can't express it. This morning I had thoughts of cancer and was wondering if they'd suggest putting him down immediately. Now it's just a matter of letting the wound heal. I'm dizzy with relief and after-stress reaction.


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