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A while ago, I started watching The Night Manager. I will admit that the main reasons for watching it were two - Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. And, to be honest, that would probably have been enough, because not only are they both gorgeous to look at, but they are two extremely capable actors. In fact, Hugh Laurie managed to play a character that was so unpleasant that I didn't find him attractive - though I can also see how he was attractive, just not to me. That takes a lot of skill. And Tom Hiddleston... his character played different parts, and he shone in them all. If you've not yet seen them, and you don't explicitly dislike the spy genre, you really should watch it. Like, right now. Also, since I'm me, I caught a few plot bunnies. One of which got finished and posted. But it's not going to make much sense unless you've seen the series, so go do that. Then you can read Hunger
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The leg is finally less painful, enough so that I can start going off the morphine. It helps that I have lots of Tramadol around for the endometriosis pain. I'm still taking morphine at night, because it hurts enough that I won't sleep otherwise, but it's nice to be a little more clear-headed during the day.

It still hurts to not have the leg elevated, but I still try to sit up for an hour or so per day, generally around meals. On Wednesday I'm getting the stitches taken out and the leg checked on, and I really hope they'll say that I can start having the foot on the floor while sitting. It's quite awkward not being able to sit normally.

With all the TV-series I've been watching, I'm being attacked by plot bunnies. It would have been nice to be this clear when NaNoWriMo started, but maybe I'll make a new attempt next year. At this point I'll just try to get the basics of all the bunnies down enough that I can flesh the stories out later. So far, I've Criminal Minds, Dr Who, Torchwood, House and Angel all vying for attention. It would really be nice to be able to write something longer than the drabbles that are all I've ever posted...
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I have a cold. I left work early and sat at home working for another four hours, watched some Buffy S1 with Calle. Went to bed, read a bit, tried to sleep, couldn't, read some more, tried to sleep again. This time I couldn't because a stupid line kept running through my head.

Yes, apparently having a cold isn't bad enough - I've also been bitten by the slashwriting bug. I actually couldn't sleep because there was this part of a drabble that wouldn't shut up inside my head. Hopefully once I post it I'll be able to sleep.

Also my abdominal hedgehog is being nasty at me. I've been a bit better pain-wise recently, probably because I get along very well with the new horse and so I get the regular exercise I need. But work is currently quite stressful, and that always upsets the hedgehog.

Anyhow, here's the drabble. The trigger was that episode where Wilson and Cameron talk about adultery, and Wilson says "I always told them".

Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG (at the most)
Wordcount: 100

He always told them

Written by Jenny Dybedahl

Initially they'd approve (or pretend to), praising his selfless and steadfast friendship. Later, weariness and then jealousy would appear. At some point their line would be spoken and his crossed. Always.

"If you were with another woman," they'd say, "I could at least understand it. But that man?"

So he'd tell them. He'd tell them about some woman. And it'd be over, bar the paperwork. For a week, or a month, evenings at 221B would be followed by nights on the sofa, until at last desire and fear combined to drive him out.

He always told them. He always lied.

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they ask how can you
how can you stand it
if it's so bad
how do you cope

I say well it's easy
once you accept it
it's just a limitation
and then I smile

I say well it's simply
a part of my life
pain isn't all of life
and then I smile

but then there are days like these
the days when I don't smile


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