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A while ago, I started watching The Night Manager. I will admit that the main reasons for watching it were two - Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. And, to be honest, that would probably have been enough, because not only are they both gorgeous to look at, but they are two extremely capable actors. In fact, Hugh Laurie managed to play a character that was so unpleasant that I didn't find him attractive - though I can also see how he was attractive, just not to me. That takes a lot of skill. And Tom Hiddleston... his character played different parts, and he shone in them all. If you've not yet seen them, and you don't explicitly dislike the spy genre, you really should watch it. Like, right now. Also, since I'm me, I caught a few plot bunnies. One of which got finished and posted. But it's not going to make much sense unless you've seen the series, so go do that. Then you can read Hunger
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I've just been watching ep 6x07. If you've not seen it, this drabble isn't going to make much sense.
Title: Choice
Author: Jenny Dybedahl
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: Chase/House (pre-slash)Rating: PG

Choice )

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Stupid cold back again. Have been home with fever, runny nose and a cough so bad I threw up from coughing yesterday. A problem with trying to write is that even though I have ideas, and I compose stuff in my head, I never seem to have the time or energy to actually get it written down. Either I'm at work, or tired after work, or it's Saturday and I'm tired after a whole work week, or it's Sunday and I'm tired from riding. That's why I've never yet posted any long story. Drabbles are easier.
Title: Surrogate
Author: Jenny Dybedahl
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: House/Wilson (preslash)
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 100
Surrogate )

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I have a cold. I left work early and sat at home working for another four hours, watched some Buffy S1 with Calle. Went to bed, read a bit, tried to sleep, couldn't, read some more, tried to sleep again. This time I couldn't because a stupid line kept running through my head.

Yes, apparently having a cold isn't bad enough - I've also been bitten by the slashwriting bug. I actually couldn't sleep because there was this part of a drabble that wouldn't shut up inside my head. Hopefully once I post it I'll be able to sleep.

Also my abdominal hedgehog is being nasty at me. I've been a bit better pain-wise recently, probably because I get along very well with the new horse and so I get the regular exercise I need. But work is currently quite stressful, and that always upsets the hedgehog.

Anyhow, here's the drabble. The trigger was that episode where Wilson and Cameron talk about adultery, and Wilson says "I always told them".

Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG (at the most)
Wordcount: 100

He always told them

Written by Jenny Dybedahl

Initially they'd approve (or pretend to), praising his selfless and steadfast friendship. Later, weariness and then jealousy would appear. At some point their line would be spoken and his crossed. Always.

"If you were with another woman," they'd say, "I could at least understand it. But that man?"

So he'd tell them. He'd tell them about some woman. And it'd be over, bar the paperwork. For a week, or a month, evenings at 221B would be followed by nights on the sofa, until at last desire and fear combined to drive him out.

He always told them. He always lied.

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Since Calle put a plotbunny into my head I need to re-watch both Blake's 7 and Stargate SG-1. I started on B7 while visiting mother (who was highly amused by my comments on slashiness between Gan/Vila and Avon/Blake). Now I'm watching the first double-episode of SG1. And seriously, can anyone fail to notice the slashiness between Jack and Daniel from the very start?

Cut for those not interested in my pervy Jack-Daniel fantasies )

In other news I'm just back from a harp concert where Calle's harp teacher sang and danced. It was beautiful.
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After seeing the end of season 5, I realised that all the slashiness I'd seen up to that point was of the pre-actual-relationship variety. There's simply no way that Jack and Daniel actually got it on before Meridian. But it's fairly obvious that Jack really regrets this... especially in "Abyss".

But then there's Maybourne. There's Paradise Lost. Over on Area 52 there's a lot of Jack/Maybourne stories set during this episode. I can certainly see why...

Maybourne: "There's nothing like a good wiener". (Yeah, sure he was talking about a hot dog...)

Then they spend a month or so marooned on an alien moon, whereafter Jack gets the Tok'ra to find some planet where Maybourne can stay...
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The best line of this show has got to be in "Ascension". Carter has been ordered to take time off and complains that she has nothing to do. Jack and Teal'c show up at her house for pizza. Carter tells them she's got a date already. Jack and Teal'c walk towards the car.

Jack: "Now what?"
Teal'c: "I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of Jello."
Jack (tosses the phone to Teal'c): "Call Daniel."

In "Beast of Burden" there's a lovely scene in the beginning. Daniel has seen the Unas he befriended being kidnapped by someone who came through the stargate on the Unas planet.

Daniel: I'd like to find out what they want with an Unas.
Jack (looking a bit grouchy): For the record, I don't care...
Daniel looks like he's trying to not show how exasperated he is. Teal'c and Carter both look at Jack who seems rather embarrassed.

Not that any of this would indicate that Jack's at all jealous. Not at all. Indeed not.

In "The Tomb", SG-1 and a Russian team are trapped in a Babylonan-type ziggurat. They know someone's been taken as host by a Goua'old. Jack has been exploring the ziggurat and after an explosion comes back to the room where Daniel is. Daniel immediately gets up and starts towards him. Jack is about 2 inches away from Daniel when Teal'c shows up and Jack immediately backs off... Meanwhile Carter is busy taking care of the wounded Russian lieutenant, who happens to be both beautiful and female. There has got to be a lot of slash from that episode...
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Summary: SG-1 are addicted to a device which affects their brain chemistry. They need to stay close to the device while gradually decreasing its emissions or they'll die from withdrawal symptoms.

Jack: So... three weeks in a palace by the beach
*camera pans to Daniel*
*camera pans back to Jack*

/me convulses with laughter
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So I'm home from work today due to the not-quite-healed hand being way too achey plus I've got a cold. So far I've spent my day in bed watching Stargate SG-1 on my laptop.

Seriously, can that series get any slashier without approaching Xena territory?

There's Jack/Daniel, which is practically canon...

Daniel: Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
Jack: A little of both, actually...

And there's the way Jack adjusts Daniel's glasses for him, and gets all jealous when some girl hits on him. Oh, and the episode where Daniel gets snatched by an Unas.
Carter: "So what would a primitive Unas want with Daniel?"
Jack "I recommend units 1 and 2, P90s... I also recommend we take off right now, sir."

I tell you, Avon and Blake are nothing to it!

Of course, Carter/Fraiser is of more immediate interest to me, only there's so much less Fraiser screen time. Still, how about in 100 days, when Jack is stuck on another world:

Fraiser: You miss him, don't you.
Carter: Yeah...
Fraiser: Is this a problem?
Carter: No. No, of course not.

But really, the Jack/Maybourne slash bait in "Chain Reaction" was the best so far. Jack and Maybourne are in the office of the nasty senator Kinsey, who's been involved in all sorts of shady dealings including threatening General Hammond's family. Jack pulls a gun and points it at the senator.
Maybourne: "Jack... What are you doing?" Now, it's not the words themselves, it's the small smile and half leer and sort of... intimate, somewhat turned-on tone of voice that had me laughing out loud.

Now I shall go look for more slash bait.


May. 8th, 2004 11:30 pm
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Today [ profile] cdybedahl and I went to see Hamlet at Stockholm Stadsteater. The lead was played by Helena Bergström. Some jumbled impressions from the play:

  • Helena B was hot in drag.
  • Was the slashy subtext of the Horatio-Hamlet relationship in the play from the start, or did they just choose to cast a woman as Horatio to be able to be as slashy as they wanted to?
  • That's a very good play, that is.
  • Helena B was really hot.
  • The scenography and music were great, too. I especially liked the way they used the signs of the zodiac - unobtrusive, but I felt it underscored the "star-crossed-ness" of Hamlet's fate.
  • There were lots of good actors in the cast, but Helena B was the hottest.

For those of you who are interested, there are pictures from the play at Stadsteatern's site. My mother is going to be so jealous that she couldn't make it to Stockholm before they close for the summer...


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