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Today I went to the hospital for what I thought would be a checkup on the elbow fracture. I knew they wouldn't remove the metal thingy because that was scheduled for Wednesday morning.

It turned out there'd been a mix-up. Today was the day for getting the thingy removed and I don't need to go there at all on Wednesday.

The thing about these "Hoffman" fixtures is that they are attached to the bone where there aren't any nerves, so removing them doesn't hurt much. At least it didn't when they took away the screws from the arm. The ones in the hand are placed very close too a sinew going to the first finger, and touching that sinew hurts quite a bit. The doctor was sensible enough to take the arm first, so I would be less tense when he got to the hand.

I also got to see a phys. therapist who gave me a sheet of exercises to get back the mobility.

The doctor said I shouldn't go putting too much strain on the arm in the first few weeks, and also not putting myself at risk of another fracture. So probably I shouldn't start riding the new horse for a while. Darn. Skutt is quiet enough that I feel comfortable and safe riding him, at least once it's stopped hurting as much as it does right now.

It's a joy being able to almost touch-type again! almost, not quite, as the wrist isn't fully mobile so I can't bend it the way I really need to and it hurts to move the first finger. But it's a lot easier than it has been. I'm really looking forward to work tomorrow - finally I'll be able to get some real programming done instead of working at a snail's pace!

Tonight Calle is at a harp concert. Of course I called him as soon as I got out of the hospital. He too is happy that the fixture has been removed - I'd started flailing around in my sleep and occasionally hitting him, so one night he ended up moving to the sofa and the next side we switched sides in bed (which confused the cats mightily). Also the arm has been in the way of hugging and cuddling.


jennyaxe: Photo in black and white. I'm in profile, looking to the left, with a calm and content half-smile. (Default)

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