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I can't sleep. I don't know why, because I'm really tired, but I can't make my body relax enough to let me drift off.

Today I was out with Samurai again. I timed my arrival to the stables so I just got finished cleaning out his box when the stable owner started bringing the horses in from pasture. I helped her a bit, then when she was finished bringing them all in, I put Campero in the stable corridor and cleaned out his stall. After that I washed his wound - he's still got some seepage around the site of the fistula. He doesn't like it when I press to hard around it, but he was very well behaved anyway - amazingly so for a four years old stallion.

I took Samurai out on the country roads, where we had a few gallops, and then took the path through the forest back. There were lots of insects which was irritating, but Samurai behaved very well. It's hard to believe this is the same horse who bolted with me the first time I was out with him - the past month or so he hasn't even tried to take the bit and run. Sure, he's still eager and he wants to go faster than I feel comfortable with, but he doesn't argue when I tell him to slow down.

Since it's hot outside he was very sweaty when we got back, so I gave him a wash. Then I walked back to his box, without holding him - he followed like a dog going "heel", never trying to move past me even though there was food in his box, never even trying to look or go in the wrong direction. I feel that he's really started listening to me and accepting me as a leader. Or perhaps he's just tired from the heat...

Date: 2006-06-26 02:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's probably that you are getting more and more comfortable with him, and by being able to controll him while riding he gets more comfortable with you. And when he agrees to follow you as he did now it's a clear sign that he's very satisfied with the outdoor trip and your handling has made an impression on him. Be proud, you've earned his respect, that's not too easy to do whith an old gentleman like him. :)


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